Electronic music
from israeli artists.

Together In Berlin. 22.08.2015
Neue Heimat, Berlin/Friedrichshain

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#togetherinBer together in berlin - electronic music from israeli artists Date: 22. August 2015 Location: Neue Heimat, Berlin




With releases on labels including I’m a Cliche, Relish and DOBW, and remix work for artists including Bot’ox, Acid Washed and more, Moscoman has quickly made a name for himself as an artist at the forefront of a vanguard of new electronic artists who take their influences from wider range of sources including rock, new wave and other more esoteric sources.


Hailing from Tel Aviv, where he learned his craft alongside close friends and sometime collaborators, Red Axes, Moscoman is now based in Berlin but plays frequently throughout Europe and further afield and some of the most interesting and unique clubs and parties around.


Electronic Mix



Rona Geffen.


Surging out of the urban-tribal conglomeration of post modern society is Rona Geffen, a priestess of techno-fertility come to bring sex and pumping electronic music to the masses. Geffen's album "Bilono" is a blend of extremes, surfing between hard electronica, sexy vocals & pulling strings, creating a unique and pulsating tone. Her EP "The Emancipation of Mitzy" is a blend of extremes, forges pumping techno out of the drugs, alcohol, politics and sex that drive modern night life. Distorted sound, banging rhythm and shameless hedonism are the name of the game. Her latest EP „Just Fuck Me" with Meerkat Recordings includes remixes from Anna Bolena, Gavana and Taapet. And the video for the song is nominated for Best Editing at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Rona Geffen brings forth her music and performs it live using live sampling, singing and punching electronics.


Geffen makes music that crosses genres and crowds and had performed in venues ranging from the delirious dance floors of dusty raves to grand stages and concert halls of modern dance. She had collaborated with musicians such as dub legend Mad Professor as well as internationally acclaimed choreographer Yasmeen Goder. Rona Geffen had lived in Tel Aviv until 2013, where she decided to take her music to the heart of global techno - Berlin. She had been living there since. Along the years Geffen had performed in venues such as about:blank (Berlin), Pianos (New York), Ozen Bar (Tel Aviv) and Brunnen70 (Berlin), as well as in more artistic occasions such as the Biannialle for modern art in Bat Yam, Biannialle for contemporary music in the Tel Aviv Museum for Fine Arts and the Biannialle for modern art in Herzlyia (all Israel), as well as the first Vienna Biannialle (Austria). Geffen is responsible for the soundtracks for dance shows "Singular Sensation" by Yasmeen Goder and "Wetting Party" by Eldon Pulak. Geffen is also one of the driving forces behind Dance-Opera by the name STRIKE! based on the classical play Lysistrata by Aristophanes.


Techno, Downtempo, Pop



Yotam Weiss aka Psyote.


Yotam Weiss aka Psyote started his musical journey in an early age, experiencing different types of instruments such as: Drums, Violin, Keyboards, Flute, Guitar, Trumpet and more... Later on, at the age of 16 started to practice some DJ skills in the local clubs in the northern country side of Israel, playing Hip Hop and R&B. A year later, at the age of 17, he fell in love with the electronic beats and rhythms and started exploring the different genres of electronic music. In 2006 Yotam started to produce his own music, focusing at Techno, Minimal which oriented by drifting sounds and pumping beats all over.


He was the Label DJ of the legendary Digital Structures Records (2010-2013) and has been a resident DJ of a big Techno & Progressive organization in Israel named Paganka (2004-2012). There are no doubts about Yotam being one of the busiest DJs around Israel, playing all over the country while drifting the crowd through he's pumping, psychedelic, deep and hypnotizing journey of electronic music. These days Yotam founded the DJs collective called Wild Bunch and he play also alongside his young brother under the name of WEISS Brothers. A at the moment he lives in Berlin, making his way through this amazing city... Anyways, Take a listen, feel free to drop a review, stay tuned and never ever forget to SMILE! Cheers!!!


Electronic Mix



ROCKY B - The Tropikal Camel.


Known as the shamanic energy bomb from Jerusalem, a musical explorer traveling between genres and universes, creating a new musical language. A significant key character in the holy city’s independent music scene, he has kept the flame of Jerusalem alive and kicking. In his albums, projects, radio shows and dj sets Rocky is a musical pioneer, a free explorer melding genres and influences.


Rocky B’s new project The Tropikal Camel are a series of sonic adventures in Tribal Arabic music, future bass, shamanic sound scapes and industrial beats . The project debut release “In Die Hafla” was released in Folcore Records(Spain) and received a world wide recondition, featuring in the Guardian middle eastern playlist: “This smart bandcamp album of tribal Arabic electronics, bass and industrial techno is more concerned with his family heritage – via his grandparents – which stretches back to Morocco, Iran, Kurdistan and Austria”.


His distinctive style as a performer and in the studio brings a deep vision of rebellion and independence. He’s wild performances are known to be an ecstatic ritual, a journey into the sharp edges of conscience.. In 2014 he has performed with his energetic live shows in Germany’s top festival Fusion and in Berlin's major clubs as: Ritter Butzke, Urban Spree, Cassiopeia, Acud and more.


Tribal Electronics





”Words” is the moniker of a DJ hailing from the supposedly holy city of Jerusalem, nowadays putting down sets of electronic delights around Berlin. With the concept of curating a selection of interesting futuristic music which is both dance-able and thought-inducing, Words lays out beats and sounds reminiscent of science fiction and dusty raves. Be it house, techno, bass music or everything in between, Words aims to take listeners and party-goers on journeys, accompanied by low-pitched commentary about politics, the state of electronic art, and simple party-life.





Ran Levari – 1MB.


Ran Levari is a Drummer, Percussionist and composer with a rich musical experience encompassing a wide range of influences, from traditional African and Latin styles, through Funk and Hip-Hop to modern Elctronic composition.


His new project 1MB is his take on the role of the story-telling drummer of tribal times. Using a traditional drum-kit and various percussion items, enhanced with electronic sound-design instruments, the 1MB show is a tandem of the organic and digital brought together as the conveyers of musical storytelling.


Electronic Percussion



Doe Jassen.


Doe Jassen was born in USSR, raised in Israel and currently based in Berlin. With no special affection for categorising electronic music styles, Doe Jassen’s sets are inspired by diverse worlds and include wide musical spectrum. During his years in Tel Aviv, Doe Jassen took part as a resident DJ and organiser of underground roof parties, open airs and indoor events.


Nowadays, industrial techno, electro, acid house and new wave are deeply mixed in his sets and ongoing productions in the inspiring city of Berlin.


Mixed Music


Together in Berlin.

Music Connecting Cultures.

Far away from everyday life a meeting place for fans of electronic music evolves. All our artists are from Israel, living in Berlin. Let’s celebrate together the Neue Heimat!

Questions?! Here are answers!


Entrance starts at 6pm on Saturday.


... implies as well, to be there for one another, to respect each other and offer assistance. Assault and willful damage of property will not be accepted and will be handed over to the police.


There will be various booth with a variety of food – as well vegetarian.


The festival will take place at ground level.


You can take photos. But please respect the privacy of the other guests.


On the area of “Neue Heimat” are fixed toilets.


To our mind this is not an event for children. So please leave the children by your parents or a nanny.


Please leave your dogs at home. A festival is no place to be for them.


Drug selling will be not tolerated.


You enter the festival at your own risk. We are not liable for property damage.

Everybody needs a Heimat.

The Raw-Area

The „Neue Heimat” is an urbanized experience world in an unique backdrop with industrial buildings, inner yard idylls and fascinating hall architecture.

The Location is in the eastern part of the RAW area in Berlin Friedrichshain. With a bar outside, many places to take a seat and a historic american schoolbus you’re invited to run over the silhouette of the city in the sundown.The regular programme of the „Neue Heimat” takes place from Thursday till Sunday and contains the Bar & Food Night with varying music program and the Berlin Village Market on Sundays. This Streetfood market is known over the borders of Germany by now.

The “Neue Heimat”, whose name is programmatic, offers a comprehensive concept: It is a home for artists and creative folks, for urban exploration and the realization of ideas of every description, for night livers and night lovers.

Art campaigns, markets, Classic- and Jazz-concerts, cinema and workshops are inherent parts of the cultural program of the “Neue Heimat”.


Station Warschauer Straße, to the right over the bridge, enter the first street (Revaler Straße) on the right, walk through to the “Neue Heimat".


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